Are You In A Contentious Divorce?

Are you sick of all the drama? We know how you feel. Start the process of learning the tools and techniques so you too will not loose your mind in your divorce. Let Corey M. Shapiro, Esq. coach you on your journey.

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Divorce Coaching for Contentious Divorces

Experience Tested Strategies that Work.


Simple. Affordable. Always There. takes the divorce coaching strategies taught by Corey M. Shapiro, Esq. in his private practice and packages it into a affordable digital subscription learning platform for less then the cost of a monthly streaming subscription.

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Your subscription includes access to the interactive learning material, and the personal support you need to fuel your growth. You'll get:


On the last business day of every month, you'll gain access to a new set of videos in which Corey walks you through tools and techniques to the have a divorce without losing your mind. 

The Companion Course

For those who are ready for a deeper dive to Corey's book, Getting Divorced Without Losing Your Mind, we offer an online interactive course which will be continuously updated and refined to provide the best interactive learning experience possible.

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Free access to every GettingDivorged.Org Webinar (we're planning 4 for 2020, ranging from $29 for non-members -- $116 savings in 2020).

What People Are Saying

Divorce is a sensitive topic for many people. The privacy of our subscribers is very important to us, so we are keeping their identities anonymous here, but these statements were taken from Corey Shapiro's google reviews from his work as a divorce attorney.

"He has that objectivity that is needed to give a balanced and clear view of what is important, obtainable and about how to proceed."


"Corey is professional, compassionate, and wise. His legal counsel and advice helped me to think about the future in ways that I hadn’t considered."

Job Title

"He helped my ex and I to expediently resolve pending issues amicably within a respectful space."

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"Fight the divorce battles that matter, rather than wasting time, emotions and money on the ones that do not.”

Corey M. Shapiro, Esq.

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